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Passengers are not allowed to enter Poland until 25 April 2020.

Entry into Poland is still allowed for:

1. Nationals of Poland, their spouses and children.

2. Passengers who are under permanent custody of nationals of Poland.

3. Passengers with a temporary or permanent residence permit.

4. Passengers who have the right to work in the territory of Poland, i.e. foreigners entitled to work under the same conditions as Polish citizens, possessing a work permit, seasonal work permit, a declaration of entrusting work to a foreigner on the territory of Poland,

5. Passengers with a Pole's Card.

6. Heads of diplomatic missions and members of the diplomatic and consular personnel of a mission (with a diplomatic rank).

7. In particularly justified cases, not included above, the commander of the Border Guard post, after obtaining the consent of the Chief of the Border Guard, may allow a foreigner to enter the territory of Poland in accordance with the procedure specified in the Act of 12 December 2013 on foreigners (Journal of Laws of 2020 item 35).

Flights to Poland are suspended until 25 April 2020.

-This does not apply to flights with status HOSP, HUM, HEAD and other flights performed to save people's lives or health, flights to protect public order, emergency flights, flights at the order of the Prime Minister, flights performed by foreign air carriers at the order of foreign states to bring back their nationals.

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