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1. Passengers arriving in Saipan from a country with an identified COVID-19 outbreak, inclusive of Guam, Hawaii, and the continental USA, will be required to quarantine for 14 consecutive days at a hotel property. This applies to both residents and non-residents.

2. Passengers who need to leave the island prior to the 14-day period will be allowed to depart back to Guam.

3. Passengers will complete a health form prior to landing in Saipan. Public Health will meet the passengers in the terminal prior to arrival at the customs hall. Passengers will then proceed to the bus where they will be taken to a hotel property for quarantine.

4. Airline crew, with return flights within less than 14 days of arrival will be allowed to depart Northern Mariana Isl.

5. Passengers entering into the Northern Mariana Isl. by air transport, whose ultimate destination is the island of Tinian or the island of Rota, shall exercise the 14-day quarantine on the island of Saipan before traveling to Tinian or Rota.

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