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All passengers are not allowed to enter Denmark.

- This does not apply to nationals of Denmark.

- This does not apply to residents of Denmark.

- This does not apply to passengers with one of the following purposes:

a. Visiting a critically or terminal ill family member;

b. Participating in a funeral;

c. Called for a court case;

d. Exercising visitation rights with a minor;

e. Being a legal guardian for a minor;

f. Already in an ongoing health treatment;

g. Have employment in Denmark \u2013 documentation needed;

h. Passengers in transit or with connecting flights, and who can provide/present valid ticket for next destination which must be non-domestic;

i. Passengers who can provide documentation for having their vehicle parked at Copenhagen Airport, and who need the vehicle for their ongoing journey out of Denmark (e.g. to Sweden).

We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information. So we suggest you always check the information provided by the official authorities.


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